By crowdsourcing donations, we support a different organization in jeopardy under a Trump administration each month.

We Effing Fight for equality
We Effing Fight for a woman's right to choose
We Effing Fight for everyone's right to marry
We Effing Fight for gun safety
We Effing Fight for black lives
We Effing Fight for nasty women
We Effing Fight for those less fortunate than us

For all human rights
For our planet
For everyone who has felt threatened, demonized or bullied for who they are, where they're from or what they believe

We Effing Fight for the next four years

Hi, we’re Jamie and Kim. We're not activists, politicians or community organizers, we’re just a couple of friends who woke up on November 9th, 2016 afraid of what was happening to our country. Over the next few days, we saw many people posting links to support organizations that could be negatively affected by Trump's administration, and we thought – hey! we can simplify this. And Effing Fight Fund was born. Our model of crowdsourcing donations to support a different organization each month enables us to "spread the love" in a simple, automated way. All donations go to support the organizations minus minimal administration fees from CrowdRise and FJC. We don't take any money for ourselves.

Want to get in touch with us? You can contact us here.

We use CrowdRise to collect your money each month into our fundraiser campaign. From there, your money goes to the Effing Fight Fund which is a Donor Advised Collective Giving Fund at FJC. We then advise FJC where to distribute the money each month. Check out our fundraising progress here.

Yes, your donation is 100% tax deductible. Each month your money is sent to the Effing Fight Fund which is a Collective Giving Fund run by FJC, a 501(c)3. Receipts will be given for donations totaling over $100/year.

You can cancel anytime.

  1. Follow this link to CrowdRise.
  2. Click the Sign Up link and create an account. Make sure you use the same email from when you signed-up here.
  3. CrowdRise will send you an email to verify your email address.
  4. You can then cancel through your CrowdRise account.

Just names and email addresses. No credit cards. We will never sell, rent or share your information. CrowdRise stores your credit card on their completely secure system for your recurring donations.

As much as possible. CrowdRise, our fundraising platform, takes 5%. Then our fund distributor, FJC, takes 2% of that. We don't take anything. So for every $10 donation, CrowdRise takes 50 cents, and FJC takes 19 cents

Four years (48 months). You can always cancel anytime.

Check out our fundraising progress here.